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In case of very devastating situations like disaster and accidents, proactive individuals purchase policy to keep them going after such an unfortunate incident.

But to the sadness of many policyholders, they get little or no support from their insurers. Consequently, they suffer just as much as individuals who had no insurance policy in place before the incident.

Since this is wrong on all levels, claims adjusters take it upon themselves to create and fully be in charge of the insurance claims process for interested policyholders.

At Callaway, our team of professional claims adjuster has adequate knowledge to put insurance companies in their place once they attempt to commit bad faith insurance.

We’ve outlined our services below for your understanding.

What our Team of Callaway Claims Adjusters Can Do for you

We’re a group of professionals with a vast knowledge of the insurance claims process. We help you to secure a handsome reward from your insurance company by following due process. We file for claims. Interview our clients and available witnesses. Evaluate how much loss you suffered. Make calculations to determine your settlement. Retrieve vital documentation to help support your claims. We go through your insurance policy to make sure there’s no foul play. Each of these processes helps us to secure the appropriate settlement for you.

Types of Insurance Claims we Offer in Callaway

We file claims for homeowners and business owners who experienced an accident or disaster. We demand settlements for damages related to fire, mold, water, hurricanes, vandalism, roof, and business insurance interruption.

Hurricane Damage in Callaway Insurance Claims

Hurricane destroys a lot of property whenever it occurs. Insurance companies know this too well but shy away from their responsibility by committing bad faith insurance. If your claim was disregarded or delayed and have become a struggle between you and your insurer, we’re here to make sure you get a fair share of what you deserve.

Hurricane Irma and Michael have nothing on our team of adjusters. We make claims on your behalf and complete the exercise until you’re able to get what can sustain the repair or renewal of your property. Every penny lost to the disaster will be computed and made available to your insurer.

It doesn’t have to be 12 months within the incident before you’re permitted to file claims. We can fight for you before and after that timeframe in as much as you suffered the loss.

Callaway Insurance Claims Fees

Despite that we don’t seek a significant amount for our services, we have a policy in place that puts us in the position to wait until your claims have been successful before taking a penny from you.