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The uncertainty of life calls for preparedness, like getting an insurance policy that covers you during an unpredictable event.

Even though policyholders carry out their duty by paying for premium services, insurers fail to keep to their end of the bargain by outrightly denying claims, employing delay tactics, or offering ridiculously low settlements that barely cover for losses.

It’s for this reason, our team of claims adjusters refuses to take no for an answer from any insurance company. We, therefore, make sure you get your dues and on time too.

To have a broader view of what we do below is a complete overview of our services and the advantages you stand to gain by working with us.

What our Team of Shell Island Claims Adjusters Can do for you

We are a team of qualified claims adjusters who have mastered the act of successfully filing claims. We go through all the rigorous processes and, at the same time, keep our client in touch with us.

Our journey with the settlement of your claim begins by having a conversation with you and all available witnesses to get details of the incident. We proceed to evaluate the extent of your losses and examine, to the last detail, all related documentation.

We take our time to verify your insurance policy cover, determine any alteration that may have occurred without your notice. We also see to it that you get a valuable settlement.

We promise to achieve this as soon as possible to prevent further delay of your compensation.

Types of Insurance Claims we Offer in Shell Island

We offer several services based on homeowner claims, natural disaster claims, and business owner claims. Having studied your insurance policy, we make claims on damages caused by water, vandalism, fire, mold, and hurricane. We also make claims on the loss of the roof of covered property. We even file claims for business owners who had gone through interruption as a result of a disaster or fire incident.

Hurricane Damage in Shell Island Insurance Claims

The impact of any hurricane is hostile to property owners leading to significant financial losses. It’s for this reason policyholders insure their properties. We, claims adjusters at Shell Island, work relentlessly to ensure your insurer provides the coverage you have been paying for.

We carry out a thorough investigation to determine the effect of the disaster on your property. We also calculate the cost of damage and do a follow up to ensure your insurer doesn’t get away with denying you your payment.

Shell Island Insurance Claims Fees

We have a policy that priorities our client’s interest over ours. Given this, we don’t get paid until we fulfill our duty to your utmost satisfaction. So, be rest assured that you wouldn’t be suffering the loss of your property and yet a bad claims adjuster service.