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As a policyholder, most times, the hardest part isn’t paying for premiums but getting your settlement after a crisis.

Policyholders have been cheated out of their money countless times, because of the greed of the insurer. Through different means, they’ve been able to divert the insured’s money to themselves. When they offer to pay, they drag the process until the policyholder is willing to take just about any amount as compensation for losses.

No more will that continue to be, especially in the city of Navarre Beach. As an independent claims adjuster, we’ve come to save the situation and secure better settlements for our clients.

Here’s how we plan to do that:

How our Team of Navarre Beach Claims Adjusters Can Help

We’re a team of bold and successful claims adjuster with many years of practice. We’re more concerned about our client’s satisfaction than our fees. Therefore, we’re committed to seeing to it that we negotiate claims in favor of our clients.

Throughout the tasking process of filing claims, we’ve learned to keep our claimants closer by continually communicating with them. We inform our clients of every step we take and give them the best advice and moral support while at it.

Employing us means creating claims for you, managing the process, and seeing to it that a reasonable settlement is agreed upon.

After filing claims, we interview our clients and witnesses to get answers that can help our goal. We investigate the scene of the unfortunate event to gather more evidence. We examine the damages done and provide a calculation of the total values of losses incurred. Since insurers have a thing for denial, we make sure to document the scene of the incidence by taking videos and images. We collect receipts and invoices from our clients concerning damaged properties. We review your policy to highlight any act of fraud from your insurer. We call for vendors to repair all damages and eventually see to it that our client is paid accordingly.

Types of Insurance Claims we Offer in Navarre Beach

Our services are available to homeowners and business owners who have suffered a disaster or accident. We cater to them during a fire accident, water damage, mold damage, vandalism, and hurricane damage. All of these damages can affect the roof of buildings and can cause business insurance interruption.

Hurricane Damage in Navarre Beach Insurance Claims

Hurricanes come in varying degrees with different wind levels. So, the impact of hurricanes varies according to the type.

During hurricane attack, Irma or Michael, we’re at your service. We’ll come to the scene of the event to ensure measures are in place to prevent more damages. We’ll also take shots of the view from different angles to provide a detailed pictorial representation of the incident. 

Navarre Beach Insurance Claims Fees

We’re only worth your fee when you’re given your insurance settlement without a dime being withheld from you. Keep the money until the job is well-done.