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Water Damage Claims Adjuster

When faced with the dreadful water damage in your property, you need a professional who would be your true advocate all throughout the insurance claims process. We are exactly who you need — the best claims adjuster in Panama City. What’s more, we offer free services until you get paid!

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Water Damage


Water Damage Insurance Claims Adjuster

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How We Handle Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water damage is the most common type of property damage. When your property suffers from water damage, it can make your home inhabitable and may even suspend your business operations. Usually, water damage is a result of broken pipes, leaky roofs, sewage failure, floods, dishwasher and toilet leaks, mold, and more. That being said, water damage can happen anywhere and to anyone.

Just like any other property damages, the severity and extent of fire damage varies from case to case. Thus, we make sure we form a personalized strategy and approach to win the case. But in general, when handling fire damage insurance claims, it is our responsibility to:

  • Identify and address any underlying dangers present in the property
  • Evaluate the full scope of property damage and loss
  • Prepare the case and compile all necessary documents and substantial evidence
  • Negotiate for maximum coverage with your insurer on your behalf
  • Assist you to fully recover so you can go back home or resume your business operations

The #1 Panama City Claims Adjuster for Water Damage

As soon as you discover water damage in your property, the best course of action is to get in touch with us immediately. Water damage can be hard to contain and may cause further damage if the source of water damage is not eliminated. It is crucial to have a professional to assist you as soon as possible. A claims adjuster can point you towards the right direction and make sure that you’ll get the maximum settlement to cover all repairs and replacements necessary.

Being Panama City’s leading claims adjusting services provider, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our team consists of skilled, friendly, and licensed professionals all of whom are committed to serving our clients, and not their insurance providers. With that in mind, you can rest assured that we will take all necessary action to attain a fair settlement. We will also keep you updated all throughout the process so you will have an idea about our progress. We’ll do all the hard work for you.

Denied or Low Water Damage Insurance Claims

The biggest mistake a property owner can do when challenged with water damage is to reach out to their insurance provider instead of contacting an independent claims adjuster. If you make this mistake, your insurer will provide you a claims adjuster who works for them. This means that the claims adjuster will be working on the company’s favor, not yours. If that happens, who would look after you and your best interests?

If you have already filed a claim, and it was either rejected or you felt like the settlement offered to you isn’t fair, don’t lose hope. If that’s the case, we can either submit a new claim or reopen an existing one. And this time, there are higher chances of winning because you have a professional as your advocate.


Get the most out of your insurance and don’t settle for any less compensation than you deserve. We are a team of licensed professional claims adjuster serving the property owners of Panama City.

We specialize in all types of insurance claims, so whichever property damage you’re struggling with, our skills and expertise will come in handy. We work hard to expedite your claim and ensure that you’ll get the maximum coverage in a timely manner, so you can fully recover from losses and damages as soon as possible. Essentially, we make the entire insurance claim process fast, easy, and convenient for our clients.