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Insurance companies have shown that they’re more profit-oriented than securing lives and properties. Most policyholders who have had to go through an injury or witness business interruption and disaster can testify that it’s easier to pay for premium services than get a cent from their insurer.

They drag the settlement process, offer insignificant value for losses faced, and even deny the existence of your claims just to avoid delivering the service you’ve been paying for.

These unfair treatments have called the attention of claims adjuster in different cities of the world, and Springfield is no exception. We independent adjusters at Springfield offer many services to our clients to ensure they get value for being policyholders.

It’s for this reason we’ve highlighted our offers to you in a clear manner below.

What our Team of Springfield Claims Adjusters Can do for you

We have a team of licensed claims adjuster with years of experience who have perfected their craft in handling difficult insurance companies. 

We file for claims if you haven’t done that or proceed from where you stopped after a thorough review. We converse with you and eyewitnesses about the incidence to support your claim. We proceed to establish the extent of your loss during the incident to help us make an accurate estimation of everything you lost. We make sure to collect relevant documentation which will be forwarded to your insurer. We review your insurance policy to detect any drawbacks.

Types of Insurance Claims we Offer in Springfield

We give excellent services that have to do with natural disaster claims, homeowner claims, and business owner claims. Having gone through your purchased coverage, we send claims to your insurer on damages caused by water, fire, mold, hurricane, and vandalism occurrences. Our services aren’t limited to these reasons: we also file claims for roof damage and business interruption.

You can contact us for more information on this.

Hurricane Damage in Springfield Insurance Claims

Hurricanes have one of the most horrible aftermaths. Therefore, many policyholders have insured their properties against this disaster. However, most have been disappointed by their insurance company.

We assure you that whether it was a hurricane Michael or Irma, we’ll get your settlements for you. Also, it doesn’t have to be less than a year since the incident for us to file a claim. We base our service on the honesty of the situation and not the time.

We do our best to make sure your insurer gives you their best and not a crumb of what you’ve been paying for.

Springfield Insurance Claims Fees

Our services warrant payment on the condition that you receive an ultimate settlement.