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Insurance companies are in the position to help policyholders stand on their feet after an unfortunate incident. Sadly, it’s only a dream that never sees the light of the day, but for the help of the claims adjuster. Through the services rendered by independent public adjusters, like us, the insured can believe in getting what they are due.

So, whether you’re a business owner or homeowner in Parker city, we’re here to ensure that your insurance company honors their contracts to you once we make a legitimate claim on your behalf.

Below is all you need to know about our services.

What our Team of Parker Claims Adjusters Can do for you

Our well-trained team of Parker claims adjuster is very skilled in making the most out of a messy insurance claim. We do more than filing claims; we ensure that the insurance company gives you valuable payment or compensation.

We go on this journey by interviewing concerned parties like claimants and eyewitnesses. We embark on an all-round investigation of the incident to examine damages done on the insured property. After which we make an accurate estimation of losses to arrive at the real value of the settlement. It’s our duty to gather and submit all documentation that can help your claims. We go through your insurance policy to identify any twist. At the end of this process, we get you your settlements – a good share that will make you smile to the bank.

Types of Insurance Claims we Offer in Parker

Our services include homeowner claims, business owner claims, and natural disaster claims. We review your insurance coverage to file possible claims on damages caused due to mold, water, fire, vandalism, and hurricane incidents. We also demand claims on roof damage and business interruption.

Hurricane Damage in Parker Insurance Claims

Hurricanes are huge disasters, be it, Hurricane Irma or Michael. It’s only fair for policyholders to get what they deserve when these hurricanes happen.

For such reason, we examine all of the properties affected by this incidence and file claims on each of them with the certainty that your insurance company restores your loss. With us, you can recover your settlements even after 12months of the incidence. It’s the responsibility of your insurer to fulfill their contracts irrespective of time.

Parker Insurance Claims Fees

Whatever we charge will only be due for payment once we get your insurance company to pay you all the necessary dues. It’s after then; we’ll be in the position to receive our payment from you.